Hi friend,

I'm so glad you're here! My name is Angela, but you can call me Angie.  I'm an Austin-area photographer capturing weddings, portraits and stories of ethical brands and nonprofits. 

I am passionate about enriching and preserving stories of people, love and advocating for organizations and brands creating social change around the world. 

Good photos tell stories, and I'd love to partner with you to tell yours!

Photographer, storyteller, advocate for ethical brands

Meet Angela

Welcome friends!

I was born and raised in heart of Texas and love that I still get to call the Austin area home. After almost 5 years of running a successful photography business full-time, I still sometimes feel like I have to pinch myself -- this really is a dream come true!

My love for photography has taken me to countless weddings and around the world. But regardless of where I am, you can bet I'll have a camera in-hand ready to capture the people & places around me!

a little bit about me...



I've had a camera in-hand since the age of 4 capturing my life, family & friends. Preserving both the big moments and little every day ones through images has always come naturally to me, so it's no surprise that I now spend my time doing that for others!

It all started with a yellow crayola camera



When not photographing a wedding, on the weekends you can find me sipping coffee or mimosas at brunch with family or friends on Saturdays, and outside somewhere pretty, dropping into a dance class at Ballet Austin, or watching football after church on Sundays.

A peek into my weekends



My favorite part of being a photographer is partnering with ethical brands and nonprofits to tell their stories through photos and further their impact. Ethical employment opportunities for women, family preservation and orphan care & advocacy are causes that are close to my heart.

humanitarian work



I've seen firsthand the impacts that fair trade and ethical employment can have on both individuals and communities. Because of this, I am passionate about using my platform to encourage others to shift their purchasing power to brands that make a difference.  

ethical brand advocate



I'm a firm believer that if California beaches were paired with Austin, Texas, I'd be living in Heaven on earth. Sunshine, sand and ocean waves feel like my "natural habitat". It's probably a good thing that I don't live too close to a beach, or I might not get anything done!

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The Girl Behind the Blog & Camera



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