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Anyone who knows photography knows IT IS ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT! And “golden hour” (the hour or so after sunrise and before sunset) is the best part of the day to take photos, so naturally, I plan all of my shoots around that! Some of you might have seen me post about this on my […]


This post has been a long-time coming! I get a lot of questions about photography and the gear I use, so I thought I would compile it into a single post to make it easy for y’all. Below is a list of all of my digital photography gear with little blurbs about each piece. The […]

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I think it goes without saying, but just in case you didn’t know: being an entrepreneur is HARD WORK. There are always things to do and ways I can keep growing and improving my business, which is always a goal of mine. Because of this, whenever I get the chance, I love asking other successful […]


Over the past few months, I’ve ventured into the whole podcast world and have quickly become a huge fan! (I know, I know – podcasts have been around for forever and I’m so late to the game!). But once I gave it a go, I became hooked! For so long I was resistant to listen […]


Last year when I was celebrating being in business full-time for a year, I wrote a blog post on the Three Lessons I Learned During my First Year Full-Time,  and it was one of my post popular posts! This year on my 2-Year-Full-Time-Iversary (definitely just made that up),  I announced my partnership with The Archibald […]

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Angela is a full-time portrait and wedding photographer in the Austin area and specializes in natural and timeless images. 

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