5 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Wedding Album Now

Austin Fine Art Wedding Photographers Custom Heirloom Album

Weddings are a one-time event, and at the end of it all, the only things you get to keep from the experience (in addition to your new husband or wife and that ring!) are wedding albums and prints. So, let’s get right to the point with 5 reasons you need to invest in a professionally designed and printed wedding album:

1.Wedding Albums Tell the Story of Your Wedding Day

Out of the hundreds of images in your wedding gallery, your wedding album narrows it down to the most important and most impactful photographs. A thoughtful and professionally designed wedding album has the ability to tell the story of one of the most important days of your life in a way that no other medium can! A friend was recently at my office looking through some of my sample albums and literally said, “I don’t even know these people, but I feel like I was there!” An album that is professionally designed will curate your story and pair images together that complement, not compete with, each other, and tell the story of your day in an impactful and meaningful way.

Austin Fine Art Wedding Photographers Custom Heirloom Album

2. Technology Changes FAST!

We know this… BUT so many of us rely on technology as a foolproof way to preserve some of our most valuable things in life – our memories! Cloud services are of course a great resource, but at the end of the day, you don’t own your Google Drive / Dropbox / iCloud / etc. platform. If one of these companies goes under, has a crash and loses data, well… what’s lost is lost. And if you only have your wedding images on an external hard drive, computer, or USB, it’s not a matter of IF these devices will fail you, it is WHEN. Let me repeat that: 

If the only copies of your wedding images are stored on an external hard drive, computer or USB drive, it is not a matter of IF these devices will fail you, but WHEN. 

When your phone falls into water and it’s non-recoverable, what is the first thing you feel the loss of? YOUR PHOTOS. 

Another quick note on technology: I delivered the first wedding I ever photographed on a CD, and most computers don’t even have a CD drive now. USBs were the next “thing”, and now newer technology has USB-C drives instead. There are also new image file formats, so what if new technology developments no longer read jpeg files? 

If this post doesn’t convince you to invest in a full album, I at the very least hope it encourages you to print out and preserve your favorite moments and portraits with your loved ones!

3. The Quality of a Consumer Level Album v. A Professional Quality Album

As a professional photographer, I have access to the very best printing and album labs in the world!! These resources aren’t available to the average consumer, and believe me: THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE. I reviewed many different album company options and landed on the one I use because of the high quality of their work. Albums are handmade, inspected, printed with the finest inks and on the highest quality archival papers, meant to last for generations, not just years and are guaranteed for a lifetime. This level of precision and quality will not be matched by consumer-level printing labs. 

Austin Fine Art Wedding Photographers Custom Heirloom Album

4.Wedding Albums are Accessible

Of course it is great to have a way to access your images on your phone to share on social media for anniversaries and “just because”, but you have to seek out your photos. You have to go looking for them, you aren’t able to catch a glance of them when walking through your living room, your children won’t navigate to your gallery link on your phone to look your images but – believe me – they WILL open up your wedding album on your coffee table and ask you to tell them the story of your wedding day over and over. One of my recent brides just shared the story with me of how she took her wedding album to the hospice care facility her grandpa was at to remind him of dancing with her on her wedding day after a recent stroke. You can’t put a price on the value of that moment.

5. Wedding Albums are Reminder of the Vows and Commitments You Made 

Looking through your wedding album with your spouse is an unmatched emotional experience. Time after time through the ups and downs, you can look back on that day together and be reminded of the love you share and the commitments and vows you made to each other. This is one of my biggest hopes for my work as a wedding photographer: That the images I capture on your best day will be reminders of your love for each other on the worst days and be a source of encouragement in your marriage in a way that nothing else ever will be. Deciding to invest in a customized wedding album now will continue to be a gift to you and your spouse in the future.

Austin Fine Art Wedding Photographers Custom Heirloom Album

All in all: A custom, quality and professionally designed album is not something you can create yourself, but it will be an investment that will last for generations and only become more valuable with time. The investment of a wedding album itself is a small fraction of the amount spent on your entire wedding day, so it only makes sense to invest in actually having something tangible to remember it by!

Ready to Create Your Own Wedding Album?!

Well I have good news for you: I am offering 20% off all album orders placed by Friday, December 18th, 2020!!

I have never offered discounts on albums before, but this year has been a crazy time for everyone, and my hope is that this will allow many of my past clients who were not able to purchase an album for various reasons to finally get one in their hands and homes and experience the joy and connection it can bring! 

All you have to do is send an email my way and let me know that you’re ready to get started! Be sure to include “Album Sale” on the subject line and I will take it from there. 🙂

PS: Haven’t had your wedding yet?! 

Don’t worry – I’ve got you! I want ALL of my clients to have a wedding album to look back on through the years. If your wedding is in 2021 and you want to add an album to your wedding collection by the December 18th deadline, just send me an email as well and you’ll be able to receive the same 20% discount!! 

Let’s get started!

Feel free reach out if you have any questions at all – I would LOVE to hear from you! Fill out this contact form on my website, or send me an email with the information below:

TO: angela@angelalallyphotography.com

SUBJECT: Album Sale




5 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Wedding Album Now


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