Book Recommendations: Devotional, Faith, Business & Narrative

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I am so excited to share these book recommendations with you all! I’ll be honest, I never really considered myself much of a reader… I’ve never been one to get lost in the story of a book or just read for the sake of it. (So disclaimer now: if you’re looking for a good fiction book, this is not the post for that.) If I’m going to sit down and sit still long enough to make any progress on reading, I’ve learned that it needs to be something that helps me gain knowledge and understanding on a topic I am interested in… basically I need it to be productive.

For me, those topics relate to faith, business, or a social cause that I am involved with or want to better understand. Nerdy / boring, I know – but I’m fully embracing it! I have friends who are actively trying to convince me otherwise and join their bookclubs, but it just doesn’t work for me. I even tried audio-booking Where the Crawdads Sing instead of reading it and could. not. get. through. it.

SO. All that to say, I’ve compiled a “virtual bookshelf” if you will, of my favorite books in the categories that I do read, and I really hope you’ll enjoy them too! They are broken down into categories below with short descriptions for each book — just click on the arrows to the right or left to browse through, and the image links directly to Amazon!


First link is to the same Bible version I have — one of my most asked questions! Other books include my favorite devotionals and Bible study resources.


Books on various topics that have helped me grow in my faith over the years.


My favorite narratives and personal stories!


Business / marketing / goal setting / profits / priorities

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Book Recommendations: Devotional, Faith, Business & Narrative


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