Carry-On Travel Essentials

I have done A LOT of traveling this past year. My trips in the past year along combined total more travel than the whole rest of my life! Because I like being prepared and organized — especially when on-the-go — I have found some items along the way that make both quick trips and long international flights way more enjoyable, so I gathered them together here in one place! (Brides: this post will be especially useful to you with that honeymoon coming up! 😉 

You can find shoppable links to all of my favorite items below, but I’ll highlight a few of my favorites here: 

1. My Away Carry on! Y’ALL. I was initially skeptical that a suitcase could really live up to all the hype, but I am here to tell you, IT DOES! Lightweight, holds A TON, and has a limited lifetime warranty: “Our suitcases are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers any damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, or anything else that functionally impairs the luggage.” – Away Purchase through this link and you’ll get $20 off! 

2. Kennith Cole Reaction backpack – Right before my recent trip to Rwanda, I was looking for a good travel backpack that could carry my 15’ MacBook Pro, and this one does the trick and SO MUCH MORE! It looks nice, has a ton of pockets, and a strap across the back to slide on to the handle of my carry on. 

3. A cozy cardigan! 99% of the time I am cold – it’s just how I am! So anytime I’m on an airplane you can bet I have AT LEAST one jacket / sweatshirt / cardigan with me. For longer overnight or international flights, I like to take a larger, cozier cardigan with me that can double as a blanket. I got my favorite one from TJ Maxx, so I can’t link directly to it, but you can find a few of my recommended picks below! 

4. Travel passport wallet – This was another Amazon find before my month in Zambia trip this past summer. I was sold because it holds my ID, passport, cash, cards and boarding passes all in one neat little place! Everything is kept together so I’m not fumbling through different pockets / purses / bags when I need something between close connections!

5. Multi-purpose clear zipper pouches – Another item YOU NEED! I use these ALL THE TIME. They are just simple clear zipper pouches but help so much when keeping my backpack or tote back from being a bottomless pit. When I travel, I typically use separate ones for snacks, electronic cords / chargers / portable battery, etc. and then for make-up / basic medicines / chapstick / etc. They are helpful because you can see exactly what is inside to grab what you need quickly and since they are pretty slender, they stack easy without taking up too much room! Do yourself a favor and get these! 

6. Universal Travel Adapter Power Strip – Since I’ve had a few international trips this year for work and I have A LOT of things to charge between my phone, laptop and camera batteries, this universal powers trip has been worth it’s weight in gold. Instead of having to purchase a bunch of different adapters / converters, I just have ONE thing to plug in and it has 4 USB ports on the side with 3 plugs across the top — that’s a 7-in-1 charging station! It also converts power voltage from 220 to 110, so it is safe for curling irons, etc!  

Everything else linked below is pretty self-explanatory, but I wanted to highlight a few of the items I have found the most helpful! Hope these help make packing for your next trip and getting to your next destination (and back home!) a little more organized and easy! 

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Carry-On Travel Essentials


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