I’ll be the first to admit: I’m not perfect in this area, and I don’t know it all. But I’ll also be the first to tell you that it is WORTH the effort and the discipline and persistence of reading the Bible. If you’re new to reading the Bible, feel overwhelmed about where to start, […]


I have done A LOT of traveling this past year. My trips in the past year along combined total more travel than the whole rest of my life! Because I like being prepared and organized — especially when on-the-go — I have found some items along the way that make both quick trips and long […]


If you’ve been around me much over the past year, you are aware of my LOVE for Everlane!! If you haven’t heard of Everlane yet, let me just tell you:

Everlane is an ethical clothing company that produces a variety of on-trend, quality and stylish clothing items ALL made through ethical sources and practices…

Everlane Travel Capsule Wardrobe


Opposite of what most people think, summer is actually one of my slower seasons as a Texas portrait and wedding photographer. It is so HOT here, weddings slow down for a bit once July and August hit. And to be honest, I am 100% okay with that! No one wants to be the photographer that […]

Austin Blogger reading by pool


It’s no secret: I value a good cup of coffee! …Or tea, or glass of red wine. But what I also value are my pearly whites! I often get complimented on my smile, and my response is typically something like, “Thank you! My mom paid a lot for it!” Because it’s true! I had the […]


I’m just going to go ahead and assume that if you’re reading this post you’re like me and you like being ORGANIZED! I can’t handle clutter and mess and things all over the place — especially when I’m traveling and have a confined space I’m working with. Everything having a place and being easy to […]

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Angela is a full-time portrait and wedding photographer in the Austin area and specializes in natural and timeless images. 

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