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The Archibald Project Travel Show | The Advocates: Reclaiming a Lost Generation


Jan 25, 2018


If you follow along with me regularly, then you know that earlier this fall I announced that I had partnered with The Archibald Project, and that all of my weddings starting in 2018 would be support their mission of using media to tell stories that will inspire people to action to help end the orphan crisis. (In case you missed that post, you can catch up here!)

The Archibald Project Mission

“The Archibald Project is an orphan care advocacy organization and we use media to tell stories. Our stories advocate for orphans, educate on orphan care, build community and inspire people into action. Because The Archibald Project exists fewer children are called orphan.”

The Advocates

The Advocates is a new travel show they created to share their journeys to different countries documenting the orphan crisis, their partnerships with ethical orphan care organizations (more on that here), the need for more people to become involved in ending the orphan crisis, and the impact that adoption has on the lives of children. This first season consists of four 20 minute episodes about their trips to Ethiopia, Romania, Burkina Faso and China. I’ve watched all four episodes and they are so incredible. The way Nick and Whitney tell these stories are real and raw, yet hopeful and inspiring. I think sometimes people are afraid to watch videos that might be “sad” or “depressing”, and while there are definitely sad and hard things in these videos, there is so much hope expressed for the movement of caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. If nothing else, take 20 minutes to watch one episode and I promise you won’t be disappointed! Just click on one of the images below.

Get Involved

I am 1000% on-board with The Archibald Project and their belief that sharing these stories changes lives. (Proof on that here!) That is why I’ve chosen to support them both through my business and personally. What I’ve learned from T.A.P. is that there is such a need for orphans to be cared for because there are SO MANY orphans. Over 140 million. 140 MILLION children that need someone to care for and love them. And the truth is: EVERYONE can do something to help make an impact. Here are a few ways they talk about on their website:

Help The Archibald Project Storytelling Team by donating $30 / month

Support one of their favorite ethical orphan care organizations

Wedding Photographers: Join the Weddings that Change the World Program!


*Images from The Archibald Project*

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