3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Session Location

I often have couples ask me, “Where do you think we should do our engagement session?” and, of course, I am always happy to give my suggestions! But before I do, I always encourage them to think about or consider a few things first so that their gallery is special and unique to them. Here are three things I suggest my couples think about when deciding on the perfect location for your engagement photos:

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Session Location

1. Choose somewhere special or sentimental

Is there a place that is special or sentimental for you and your fiance´? A first date or favorite date spot, the place he proposed or where you first said “I love you”, or even your wedding venue? This is always the first thing I mention when a couple asks me for advice on where they should take their engagement photos because I want to make sure their engagement gallery is unique to THEM! Going back to a special place adds meaning to your images and is also sweet and nostalgic during your session. Going some place familiar may also help you feel more comfortable and at ease!

2. Rural / Nature OR City / Urban?

If there isn’t any one place in particular that comes to mind, THAT IS OKAY! Every couple and story is different. The next thing to think about would be if you prefer a more natural setting like a park or a field, or something with more of a city / urban vibe. Talk through your preferences and ideas with your photographer, especially if you are leaning more toward a city or busy downtown area that tends to be more crowded. I typically suggest early morning sessions for busier locations so that it doesn’t feel chaotic and you don’t have to worry about as many people / cars / etc. in the way.

3. Be adventurous! 

Why not travel for your engagement session?! Go back to a place you’ve been to together or go somewhere new you both have always wanted to go and create a whole new experience out of it! Get creative, think outside of the box, make some fun memories and have your photographer there to capture it!

Ultimately, the most important thing about your engagement session is having images that genuinely reflect you and your unique relationship and personalities! Being intentional and thoughtful about the location is just a way to add more meaning to your photos, but shouldn’t be something to stress over. If you’re still undecided, have a chat with your wedding photographer and let them know any preferences you have and get their input. Your ideas will probably spark their creativity and together you can decide on the perfect engagement session location!

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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Session Location


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