How to Care For Your Engagement Ring

In case you didn’t know “Engagement Season” is a REAL thing! It runs from about right before Thanksgiving, through the Christmas and New Years holidays and wraps up after Valentine’s Day. So, with a lot of newly engaged ladies out there, I thought I would put together some quick tips on how to keep that new ring both safe AND sparkly! Here we go:

Get it Insured

If you’ve already done this (or bonus points: If your fiance´ took care of this BEFORE he even put the ring on your finger), then you can just mosey on along. BUT if you haven’t gotten your ring insured yet, let me just say: Stop reading this and GO DO IT NOW!! (Like right now!)

We all know life happens, and your fiance´ worked hard saving up for that pretty thing on your finger, so if (worst case scenario) it gets lost or stolen, you’re covered! Of course, you can’t replace the real thing if something does unfortunately happen, but it would be a lot more depressing of a situation if you two were out all of that money too!

Ring insurance can easily be added on to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy and it is so affordable! It typically costs between $1-2 for every $100 it would take to replace your ring, per year. So, say you have a $5,000 ring (just throwing an easy number out here!) an estimate to ensure it for an entire year would be $50 – $100, that comes out to between $4 – $8 (roughly) each month. If the simplicity of this doesn’t encourage you to get that baby insured TODAY, I don’t know what will!

If you don’t have a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, ask just your jeweler for insurance recommendations.

How to Keep It Clean

The first way to keep your engagement ring clean is to simply avoid wearing it during activities when it would get dirty. (Simple, I know.) Apart from the obvious things, lotion and soap residue will pile up and dull the sparkle pretty quickly. When I was little, I remember my mom always using denture cleaner tablets to clean her wedding ring! She would just drop her ring in a glass of water with denture cleaner, let the little bubbles go to work, then scrub it with a toothbrush, and it worked just fine! If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, I did the work for you and found the highest-rated cleaning products on Amazon! (Also, for those of you with jobs where you or your husband / fiance´aren’t able to wear your rings, I’m linking the top-rated silicone rings for men + women as well!)

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner: $39.99

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution: $17.99

ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Women, Affordable Silicone Rubber Wedding Bands, 7 Packs, 4 Pack & Single: $5.99 – $16.99

ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring for Men, 4 Packs & Singles: $8.99 – $18.99

When to Take it Off

As much as I know you LOVE that ring, there are times when it is just better (and safer!) to take it off. It’s always best to have designated places you ALWAYS put your ring when you take it off, so ring dishes in the bathroom and kitchen (away from the sinks / drains) are a good thing to have around. Below are some main examples of when when it is a good idea to remove your ring, as well as some cute ring dishes I love!

  • Working out / exercising / swimming + other water activities / playing sports
  • Working with equipment or power tools
  • Showering + washing your hands + applying lotion
    • With the EXCEPTION of public restrooms! It’s way better to leave that pretty little thing on your finger for a quick wash than risk leaving it on a counter!
  • Cooking + preparing food — especially raw meat!
  • Cleaning / yard work / painting – any type of activity or project involves liquids or chemicals that could be damaging to your diamond

Eliana Bernard Black Marble + Gold Ring Dish: $32

Brush Strokes Pottery Amore Ring Dish in Blush + Gold: $26

Mr. + Mrs. Ceramic Ring Dish: $8.99

So there you have it – my tips on how to care for your engagement ring! Hopefully these will help 1) Convince you to get that rock insured if you haven’t already! and 2) Keep it nice, safe and sparkly so you can keep showing it off!!

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How to Care For Your Engagement Ring


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